Sunday, June 30, 2013

Alaska Trip 2013 Part Two

Here's some exciting panoramas of Ketchikan-

The Rainbird Trail is a badass and easy trail that runs along the hill just above town. It's maybe a mile long and goes through some dense rainforest and has two picture worthy lookouts where much of the Tongass Narrows and town can be seen.

Rainbird Trail

Rainbird Trail

The Tongass dock is where the cruise ships park. In the old days it was also a social hub- lots of skateboarding, standing around and hacky sacking.

Creek Street Is a Ketchikan destination for every tourist. It's a cool 'street' built on pilings that run up from the ocean. Most of the buildings on the street now cater to the tourists. T-shirts, jewelry and tours of the old whore house are available. I think the actual prostitutes have moved to a different neighborhood though.

Ward Lake is a 10 minute drive from the heart of Ketchikan. There's a stunning trail that circumnavigates the lake as well as a campground and some bad ass spots to picnic.

Ward Lake

Buggee Beach, formerly known as Rotary Beach, is a few miles south of town and is great for picnics and swimming.

Mountain Point is one of my favorite spots to sit on the rocks and look for whales. I didn't see any this time but I did see some up by Refuge Cove.

A trip to the Kinunen's wouldn't be complete without some Refuge Cove Kube at dusk. Good times!

Totem Bight is a park with a collection of totem poles and a view of the Tongass Narrows. There were several tourist groups here getting guided tours.

Wildlife count: 1 bear, 2 whales, 56 bald eagles

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