Monday, June 6, 2011

Oregon Wine Country by Bike!

Thirsty for adventure, over Memorial Day weekend we got in our cars, drove our bikes to Champoeg State Park and then biked some of Oregon's beautiful wine country. Yum! I believe this to be our route- about thirty miles.

wine country ride boo ya

Geared up for fun!

Natalie Estate

"Yeah we did bike here. Give me more wine."

Stud heroes.

"David, put one of these barrels on your bike rack. Thanks."



Roco Winery.

"I said keep it coming you asshole. I just biked here!"

Notes of pepper with a stone fruit finish. Is that coffee and rust hinting at my palette?

"I preferred the third pinot." "Why is everyone dressed up?" They better not trade Batum."

Who has the map?

Argyle Winery.

Success! Now time for 100 beers in my mouth.

The tranquility of nature! Can we have our picnic table back and do you mind moving your truck?

I guess popcorn doesn't work this way.

Smiles all around!

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