Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bald Eagles, Mouse Pointers and the Blazer Forum

Sometimes I go off topic on the Blazers forum. This was a fun conversation I had with several other forum members. By the way- all though I didn't post it here we should be proud of fellow forum member "lanny." He's been able to stick to his new exercise and diet regimen for several weeks now and it's making his wife very happy. Way to go "lanny!" I go by "blzrjimmy" in order to maintain anonymity.

Posting this reminded of something kind of funny I did a year or so ago to fellow forum member "Blazer Wookie." He posted a link to a picture to show us how his dog loves to watch the mouse pointer move around on the screen. In record time I downloaded the photo, changed the screen image and then reposted. It got some great hardy hars and no one was angry. Thanks "Blazer Wookie" for being a good sport! Cute dog too!


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