Saturday, June 18, 2011

2nd Annual Astoria to PDX Fun Ride!

Edit: several people have asked about the details of the ride and I thought I would include the original email that started it all, Here it is in all it's glory!

"Hi Everyone!

I've got great news: it's time for the 2nd Annual PDX to Astoria Fun Ride!! Sorry for the dumb name but I was trying to think of something that would express the joy and ease of our leisurely trip to the coast. So true! OK- here's what we know so far- we'll be catching the max the morning of Friday June 3rd with our bikes and meeting at the end of the line in Hillsboro. From there we'll bike to Big Eddy State Park which is approximately 40 miles of beautiful flat farmland mixed with subtle hills and a long stretch of rails to trails near Vernonia. Cool! We have a camp site ready to go at Big Eddy. In the morning we'll bike the rest of the way into Astoria. This is around 60 miles of gentle country side with one moderate short easy climb cresting in the stunning coast range. On this day we will pass through the quaint wooded villages of Jewel, Mist and Olney. Who wouldn't want to do this!?

We are waiting to hear back about a large house in Astoria we can all stay at. If a house doesn't pan out we'll book hotel rooms somewhere which is what we did last year. I looks like there will be 2-3 sag wagons (support and gear, and beer (Niki, Susan, Krystin)) coming along that will carry everything we need. We're also working on the logistics of getting our bikes back to town on Sunday the 5th. There are a few truck amongst us.

This is a great ride and is much more mellow (i.e. way less hill) than the Nestucca River Highway we did all those years ago. It sounds like there will be bikers of all abilities (fast: Gina, slow: Seth) so it will be fun for all in that regards. The main point of this ride is to have a good time, look at stuff excitedly and drink beer. Only the funnest people have made this email list!

Ok- Let me know what everyone is thinking and I'll get back about lodging stuff. Check out these links for the bike route and take a look at a couple pics from last year. Good times!


Links to the actual route:

Studly Route Map

Fun ride! Hundreds of people have been harassing me to post these photos so here it goes. Plus, I want this to motivate for next year! We had 12 riders this time- can we have 20 next time? Come on Smart Mike! Come on Ben and Alex!

Eli rocking the MAX on the way to Hillsboro- our starting point.

The steps of some building in Hillsboro. Thanks stranger for the photo. Good job! Let's see- from L to R that's Gina, Anna, Ian, Seth, Eric, Brad, Travis, David, Eli, Jessie and D-Town. Joel wasn't in this picture for some dumb reason- like an ultra sound or something.

City park in Banks.

Banks-Vernonia rails to trails. Fuck yeah!

Good job!

Nice work!

David asking the park hosts if Ranger Steve is working. Ranger Steve runs Stewart-Stubbs State Park. Oregon's newest state park! Whoa!

Trav-dog! See another picture of Trav-dog on his bike here. Far left!

Huh... what should I get?

Birthday boy Rico! Happy birthday studmuffin!

Black Bear Cafe in Vernonia! Beer please! Hurry up we just rode our bikes here!

Three members of Wrecking Balss.

Once the fish eye got broken out it got crazy- as you'll see soon.

Ha ha.

SAG heroes Krystin and Amy. Yeah!

This was on the wall in the cafe. Huh.

Big Eddy campground! You wouldn't mistake it for The Big Sleep campground with the neighbors we had.

Good job.

Not a bite :(
But great form hero!

he he these are great


Some serious action chess!

Me hanging out in Birkenfeld with some Harley guys.

Elk refuge near Mist. No elk but a nice place to rest before the big climb.

Good job Joel!

Whoa! Tilt shift!

Where am I? Who am I?

The summit!

Fuck yeah Eli! Good job stud!

Olney general store.

Astoria at last!

The final last push!

Goo goo gah gah D-town!!!

So tired.....

Can you solve this math problem Big Brain? The world depends on it!

Hey sweet heart- thirsty? How bout some bubbly? Do you like my fish tank? Come over here and see this sunset... oooohhh aaaahhhh.... oh- these here pants are chaffing me a bit, just a sec.... that's better.

A shitload of super hungry bike riders need a shitload of pizza.

Thanks Astoria! Great times!

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Good Job Everyone! Damn! We destroyed that ride!