Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's Yak Season!

It's been cool and wet here in Portland but that's ok because it means plenty of water in Smith and Bybee! In fact, all of the times I've been here tooling around I've never seen the water so high. It was like a magical mangrove wonderland! K and E picked up some yaks this week so I got all fired up. D-Town and I loaded ours up on the wagon and made our way to the pennisula.

Whoa! Look at how high that water is!

D-Town! Look out for those mangrove serpents!!!

We saw some commotion by this drown tree in the middle of the lakes. Small asshole birds were harrassing these beautiful bad ass eagles. They were massive!! Like 4 times the size of the osprey around and probably 50 times the size of the little punk sparrows. We couldn't tell if they we youthful bald eagles or heroic golden bad boys.

Wow! It looked they had a 3+ foot wingspan.

This section of the lake was protected from the mild wind and slight waves. Look at D-Town kicking ass!

You can really see how high the water is here. The bird blind is partially submerged! Damn!


Hey D-Town! Look over here and smile!

That's better stud! You look like a hero!

Nice job stud hero!

Back through the low hanging wetlands!

This rotten dead carp is way bigger than my huge foot. Whoa!!

Every fun day has got to end bro....


Brittany said...

Can we all go kayaking sometime when I get back to Portland?

Eli said...

I rode my bike down the westside esplanade yesterday. Got past the OHSU condos and into John's Landing and found the bike path abruptly swamped by the high waters. Hard to tell how deep it was. I can imagine some night bike commuter unexpectedly sloshing into into it...

BTW - my word verification for this post is "broid".