Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's Yak Season!

It's been cool and wet here in Portland but that's ok because it means plenty of water in Smith and Bybee! In fact, all of the times I've been here tooling around I've never seen the water so high. It was like a magical mangrove wonderland! K and E picked up some yaks this week so I got all fired up. D-Town and I loaded ours up on the wagon and made our way to the pennisula.

Whoa! Look at how high that water is!

D-Town! Look out for those mangrove serpents!!!

We saw some commotion by this drown tree in the middle of the lakes. Small asshole birds were harrassing these beautiful bad ass eagles. They were massive!! Like 4 times the size of the osprey around and probably 50 times the size of the little punk sparrows. We couldn't tell if they we youthful bald eagles or heroic golden bad boys.

Wow! It looked they had a 3+ foot wingspan.

This section of the lake was protected from the mild wind and slight waves. Look at D-Town kicking ass!

You can really see how high the water is here. The bird blind is partially submerged! Damn!


Hey D-Town! Look over here and smile!

That's better stud! You look like a hero!

Nice job stud hero!

Back through the low hanging wetlands!

This rotten dead carp is way bigger than my huge foot. Whoa!!

Every fun day has got to end bro....

The Changes At Dad's Place

I love doing this thing lately with the old pics in the new world. Dad built his house (the house I grew up in) 40 years ago(!). Most of my friends have heard the tales: no neighbors, a mile to the highway on a dirt road and no electricity until the end of the 70's. Wow! I remember getting stabbed by the cactus in the dark while someone was lighting a kerosene lamp so we could see. That's livin!

I was back up there last weekend and we checked out a few trees Dad had cut down so they wouldn't fall on the house in case of a big wind storm. It's a bit of a big deal because changes happen at a glacial pace around the farm. An event like cutting down a tree seriously takes years of deliberation and contemplation and debate. A good example of this is another recent change. I went into the kitchen and there was a nice new stove top! To understand the significance of this I'll tell you about the old stove top: it was avocado green and pulled out of a house that was being remodeled. In 1976! Pops thinks it dated from the 60's and it had been in our house since he had electricity put in. He said it heats much faster. Imagine that! This is the one of only a few changes the house has undergone since it was built. That's big time!

Anyway, these pics are from 1972- before I was born. As you can see, when Dad bought the property the trees around it were small second growth and the house was built in a wild meadow which now is a grassy yard.

This picture below is interesting as it's almost impossible to see the old world within the new one. When the house was built it had a beautiful view across the South Santiam valley. That view is now obscured by 100 foot tall trees! One thing hasn't changed though- there's still piles of firewood!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Friends Forever

Yesterday was David's birthday. Here's the card I made for him!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Back to AK

On Sunday Ray Troll and the Ratfish Wranglers played at The Arctic Bar. It was his son's 21st birthday and quite the throwdown.

Upper Quinn Street to Laura and Max's house.
Tosh showing his fiddlehead loot. Yum!
Ward Lake Trail.

Fiddleheads! What a great word....

Lunch on the backside of Pennock Island.
Deer Mt.
This landing plane made me a bit nervous but we had plenty of room.
Our friend Eric on our evening walk through town. There's ever present Deer Mt. again!
Eric's rad tapestry.
Lunch Creek Trail.

Back under the dock for a stunning sunset. So serious. So demure. So thoughtful.

Ketchikan at night from a boardwalk I can't remember the name of.
Sunny day at Mountain Point.

Fish eye!
Hole In the Wall finally opened!

Brenden, Laura, Max, Niki, Joel, Gina and Dawn

Dawn passing by during the Totem to Totem half marathon.
Here comes Laura in Saxman.

Finish line! Laura and I teamed up to do a relay. It was great! I told everyone I know have one year to train for the full 1/2 marathon, which is probably what I need. Although I did beat my goal of 10 minute miles. I came in around 9:40s. I realized that many people who do these events are bad ass as I came in the second half of runners.
Dawn getting a well deserved high five as she crosses the line!
Joel and Max did a relay and fucking dominated. I couldn't get any pics of Joel because he was about 9 minutes ahead of me!
On a short cruise up good ol' Thorne Arm.

Dinner at Tom's place.
Tom and Joel.
The view from Tom's deck. Shit man- better put on some more sunscreen!
Tom trying to break his record for how fast he can make a keg of gin and tonic. He shattered the old record with a new time of one minute and twenty five seconds!
Max explaining the logistics of the Klondike Run using toy cars and a good bottle of whiskey.

The Potlatch Band with Dave Rubin on the right. We got rocked at The Fish Pirates Saloon.
From Upper Quinn St.

It seems the only videos I take anymore are for trivia night. Here they are!

Pics from the Iphone.

A huge spray painted dick on the by pass. Why not?

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