Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hands Around the Sun and Twinkies

I just completed the first new video in the Johnson Named Everything series in over 3 years! It's called 'Hands Around the World' and is based on an experience that left me sleepless with anxiety for years. It also instilled in me lessons in case I ever became a father: as a parent try and reduce anxiety, not make it worse! It makes for a pretty funny story decades later though.

For those who are ardent followers of Johnson Named Everything you noticed a lapse between episode 9 and episode 11. It turns out I had completed episode 10 but if I remember right I didn't really like it that much. I wasn't sure it had that 'pop' that the others have. But after a few years and seeing it again I realize it has it's own charms. It's a story my friends and neighbor Rex's Dad told us. What a great story!

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ssojk said...

Sometimes we're better off left in our ignorant bliss without the hard, cold (in this case, extremely warm), logical reality of science. Your dad gave you a bite of the Apple of Knowledge- forcing you forever out of that sweet childhood Eden that you have been searching for ever since.... and too bad you don't have those neat suspenders anymore.