Thursday, March 24, 2011

Good Morning Sunrise

I'm back with a heavy heart- and it's insanity here! I woke this morning to a wide open blue sky... Just bought a reward beer for the end of Perseverance! Boom!
There it is!!!
And frozen Ward Lake

Our miller was literally on ice.
Tongass Narrows
Ktown street
I think I could live under the dock if I had warm clothes and enough wine. Good evening sunset!

Location:Denali Ave,Ketchikan,United States

The iPhone pics are a little rough so here's some from the Canon

Looking north. A newish promenade for the tourists. Looks like a good place to go jogging!

This Ketchikan 'road' was under construction.

Looking at the back of The First City Saloon

That's Upper Quinn St. and Laura and Max's house where I crashed. Fucking great!

Looking south. Deer Mt. on upper left.

I saw this on Slate and thought I would try my own amateur version. 1998- welcome to 2011.

Downtown. That's my former workplace the Federal Building with Deer Mt. in the background.

Creek Street of course.

From Laura's porch looking south at the sunrise.

Same porch. Same sunrise. That is west.

Ward Lake. Although it was still frozen over we were sweating from the sun on our Perseverance hike.

At one point there was a 'crack' noise.

City Park.

Whoa! 1994 meet 2011. Nice hair!

If you know me you know my love for wine and beer while staring at the ocean from 'under the dock.'

I'm not really a graffiti guy but this massive rubber bumper is hidden from view from town and I feel deeply about the message.


First City piano. That's Terri with no head, Danny and of course Ryan.

Necessary eagle shot by the tunnel. There's Terri's head!

Coast Guard beach out north. There was some sort of whale way off in the distance.

Danny and Brooke.


A colony of small starfish.

I believe Brad had sent me an amusing text from down south so I was inspired to pee his name. My iPhone couldn't capture it's glory so this will be the first time he sees it. Danny complimented my writing.

Old friends! Sarah, Charlie, Brooke, Ryan, me, Danny.

Buggy's Beach out south a few miles.

Looking north to midtown from Rainbird Trail. It was so nice my head almost exploded.

In 1993 and 1994 I lived in the bunkhouse on the left. What you can't see in this picture is my friend Aaron who pushed our old fish stained couch out the window to the dumpster below.

Laura's place and her neighbors. One last photo before my trek to the airport.


Gina Ostby said...

BOOM! Wish I was there...

Gina Ostby said...

Okay, we can move there and drink beer/wine and enjoy sunshine all the time!

BTW, love those then/now pics, especially the one with your long hair. Ever consider growing it out again?...

brooke said...

we are not old.