Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Roller Coaster Rides and the Great State of Florida

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From: SETH M
Sent: 1/26/11 10:37 AM
To: Frank M. Warren, MD
Subject: Roller Coaster Rides and the great state of Florida

Hi Dr. Warren- I had my surgery on December 20th and I'm flying to Florida February 4th. One of the things on our to do list while in Florida is hit an amusement park which according to my buddy Joel has some really fun roller coasters. OK here's my questions:

My ear seems to be healing fine and I've even been hearing to varying degrees from that side- is it ok to fly in an airplane and is it ok to ride a roller coaster? You did mention that I can blow my nose now so I figured that would probably ok the airplane flight, but I don't want to shake anything loose while traveling 100 miles an hour upside down on a roller coaster. It will have been approximately 6 weeks since my surgery when we head to Tampa. Although i would enjoy a scary ride I would much rather make sure my ear is healthy.

Hope you're doing well and getting a little time away from work!

Seth M

PS: It has never been my desire to go to Florida but I'm traveling with Gina for a work conference so what the heck.

RE: Roller Coaster Rides and the great state of Florida


Seth M


Frank M. Warren, MD


01/26/2011 5:12 PM

Good to hear that things are going well. I think it is quite safe for you to partake in the roller coaster rides. You will be far enough out that everything will be pretty well set in place.

Have fun!

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