Friday, August 6, 2010

This Week in Music

It has been very busy week with some mind numbing shows! First is iconic juggernaut Weird Al.

Notice the puppet fan in the front row. The puppet lip synced to every song and Weird Al shook his hand after the encore.

Wow! I thought Weird Al would be good but he blew the Roseland! The WeirdAlHeads in the front had to be calmed by the security guards! Me and my fellow attendees made a pact to never miss another Weird Al show. It was fucking stunning.

Up next was a drive south to Albany to my childhood haunt Monteith Riverpark to see my favorite jam band The Mother Hips!

Even though their newer songs seem to be influenced by more domestic lifestyles (hence our witty jokes The Mother Hip Replacements and The Grandmother Hips haha) they still rock a solid show. Good times drinking beer in the grass!

Tonight begins the highlight of the year for live shows. Two nights in a row of Joanna Newsom at the Aladdin. I'm actually getting a bit nervous. That's ridiculous. Better have a morning beer to calm the nerves. Hope I don't get too tipsy and make an ass of myself tonight. Oh well shit happens.

More later!

Front row seat! Joanna's harp!

3rd row seat! There's Joanna's harp night number two!!!!

Update: 8/10/10

So- we enjoyed two nights of Robin Pecknold and Joanna Newsom. I'm not sure that there's a way I can describe this experience. Using words like epic, overwhelming, emotional, perfect, can't do it justice! It's like that time you have really high expectations and it's still 63 times better than that. It was intimate and beautiful. It came to life very nicely live.

PEACH PLUM PEAR <----- She closed with a rocking version of Peach Plum Pear which kicked ass like crazy.
Here is Eric before the show expressing how we both felt.

Here I am standing next to the secret way into the theater. First in line! When the guy opened the door I scared him.

In the audience.

This is the best pic I got. I tried to do a little video recording but the security guys were like hawks. What a night!

Below is a video I was able to get of opener Robin Pecknold of the Fleet Foxes. It almost doesn't seem real that Robin would be playing with Joanna Newsom. The two best bands on the planet right now. Damn! Because this is a quicktime video I was unable to edit it- the music starts at 2:18.

I must have been going through a pretty hard core Joanna phase back in February 2008 because I made this funny video. She rocks in it! but her style has become somewhat more refined over the years.

And finally- here's a picture of Joanna holding a painting of me and of my pet cow. Wow!

Here's a picture Eric drew of me at the show. Very appropriate I would say!

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