Thursday, August 19, 2010


While camping at Lost Lake (the Santiam Pass Lost Lake- not the Mt Hood one) last weekend I noticed there was hobknoblers everywhere. There was these monster hobknoblers as big as my hand and there was also smaller hobknoblers. Here are some beautiful pictures of the hobknoblers I took.

So proud.

Magnificent beasts of the wild.

These monstrous huge hobknoblers only came out at night. I tried to see where they hid during the day but couldn't find one anywhere. Then dusk would fall and all of a sudden one was walking through camp. One tried to attack me kind of by the lakes edge so I poured really cold PBR on it's head and it jumped in the lake to escape. A friend told me they have really porous skin so he was probably swimming around all wasted.

The big hobknoblers seemed to be disinterested in humans. I could put the camera right next to them and then shine a flashlight around them and they didn't care a whole lot. We must not be their natural enemy. They probably come out at night to avoid all the hungry birds in the area.

This one looks like it might be king of the lake.

As well as the softball sized hobknoblers there was also little teeny ones that seemed to only be by the lake and not up on higher ground. They were more weary of humans and would hop away as we approached. It made capturing a good picture difficult because they were always on the move. The hobknobler above is enjoying a nice view of his home.

There were hundreds of these small hobknoblers. You had to watch where you step!
What a beautiful day for a swim.


RolandBV said...

Such an awesome post! Trox and I laughed about the beer frog just today! HAHAHA. I love those pictures of the Hobknoblers!

ssojk said...

you guys know how to party.

ssojk said...