Thursday, July 29, 2010


Mike turns 30! Proper Eats for lunch!!

Location:N Philadelphia Ave,Portland,United States

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Guest Host Party

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pure Gold

I'm trying to organize several large boxes of paperwork today but it's distracting when you keep running across lost treasure.

This picture says 1990 on it. It also says 1990 all over it. Two things jump out- my stunning product free hair. It's fucking huge! And my stunning sweater! My Grandma made that for me! I still do that weird arm thing when I'm cold.

Anyone who knows me knows I love to draw clowns. Siamese Clown maze like drawing! I think I only partially finsihed it for some reason. It's kind of the Partial Martial of Siamese Twin Clown Maze drawings.

Found on the back of a trivia answer sheet at work. Best spell ever- Kitty Cat spell! Cool!

David found that cool sexual position font so I thought I would experiment with something similar. I wonder why I wrote "He"?

A friend of mine told me Neil Hamburger enjoyed Hot Quarter. I wonder what joke Inventing was?

Amongst the goodies is some heavy treasure. I found this in a box. I made it for my friend Matt way back in probably 1996ish. Anyone remember the name of the bead shop where Franny used to work at the south end of town near the Federal Building? edit: several people have informed me it was Beauty and the Bead!

Here's a picture Alex gave me of his fishing boat when it was grounded by the tide somewhere in Alaska. When the tide came up they just sailed it away.

I just found this great post card David sent while he was visiting Seattle a few years ago. That's the front and the back.
I just learned from a medical document that it was January 22, 2005 that I was walking home from Bink's with Joel and David when I slipped and broke my ribs in the snow on Alberta St. Ouch! I could feel the break for about two years whenever I would roll over in bed or cough!

I just found this shopping list in the hand writing of an ex girlfriend. Ha ha what a list. It was found in a bag of stuff from 1994! It's crazy what kind of shit will bring back really intense memories. This list brings me back to playing gin rummy in a windowless attic room, being anxious on a ferry, watching airplanes take off and sitting on the dock.

Wow! I think this picture is from about 2002 or so. It proves that back then I still knew how to really fucking party!

Friday, July 9, 2010