Friday, June 11, 2010

Spitting.... errr I Mean Drooling

This is a poor picture but I didn't want to look like a weird old guy with a camera. There's this group of 6 or more high schoolers that spend their lunch breaks in front of work. They seem nice enough and they don't graffiti the tables or cause any other damage. They drink gallons of soda and eat bags of chips and they smoke and hold hands and laugh and all that fun stuff. They even take their garbage with them. But the one thing they do that I find fascinating and disgusting and curious is how much they spit. It's incredible! After they leave there will be like 6 square feet of wet disgusting spit where they were sitting. I wonder what they do with all that spit while they're in class?

edit: Derek and I were talking about all the spit and I mentioned how the guys sitting there are usually outnumbered by the girls at least two to one, and how the girls probably aren't spitting. He said something so obvious and simple that only a genius would recognize it: it's not spit. The guys are drooling while hanging out with the girls. Of course! 6 square feet of drool!

Location:SE Division St,Portland,United States

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of course its drool...hahaha genius!