Saturday, June 5, 2010

Holiday Neckbeard Struggle

The holidays rolled around again and as you can see by this picture David had already trimmed his Holiday Neckbeard. At this point I had been cultivating my beard for three years and had become part of the underground beard club. We nod at each other and point and smile and that kind of thing. Similar I imagine to owning a VW van or driving a motorcycle. I had also gotten great accolades for my beard in public forums which can be seen here. In other words, like I was afraid might happen, after 3 years the beard had started to become my identity and I was hesitating about cutting it. I didn't want to lose the beardo lifestyle, disappoint my girlfriend, disappoint my Dad, disappoint my beard mentor and shock all the new friends I had made in the last few years. But finally the urge to be clean shaven over took me and I ordered my HNB kit from New Mexico.

It was pretty exciting when the kit came in the mail.

Above is the short version. Wow!

Above is me roaming around after a Blazer game. After 7 or 8 years of off and on HNBing the novelty is starting to wear off a tad. But it was still fun! And also, although I miss being part of the club sometimes it was nice to lose the 10 years after I shaved my beard clean. No more worrying about the club is a benefit too!

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RolandBV said...

I have to decline in entering this year, I may not have a beard to shave at that time, or one too large to cut into....