Monday, June 7, 2010

After Getting My Ass Handed To Me

by Joel and Gina on the bike ride to Astoria last weekend I decided to start riding up Tabor daily. Need to get ready for next weekend's Newberg ride and the ride to Cascadia this summer. Fuck yeah!



6-21 solstice

June 23

June 30 - what a nice day

July 14

July 15. It's too hot to run so I'm biking!

Took some time off for some weddings and out of town visitors. Time to get back into the routine! This is about 3:30 August 6th.

Location:SE Harvey Scott Cir,Portland,United States

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ssojk said...

Whoa! nice story, but using "your ass" and "my hand" in the same sentence if find particularly offensive