Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Proud Moment

I'm a huge fan of the radio show on NPR Talk of the Nation. I have sent in a couple emails over the course of the last few years to no avail. Except for the time it was a rerun and I didn't know it. They said "what station are you listening too?" Of course, I have strong opinions about the red state blue state debate so I sent in a short comment to Neil and the gang and to my joyous surprise he read it! I was stuck in traffic when I heard it and just about shit myself! Watch the clip below or listen to the entire article here. I should mention, I understand my comment is simplistic, but I do believe on a fundamental level that education is all encompassing and a well educated society would provide plenty of birth control options to it's citizens. I do not believe these to be two separate ideals.

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