Thursday, April 29, 2010

That Reminds Me: Totally Darryl at the Doug Fir

I was just looking at that picture of Ryan and I from San Diego and it reminded me of a show he participated in at the Doug Fir last July (2009) opening for Optiganally Yours and 3 Mile Pilot. Up first was his performance as his talented alter ego Totally Darryl. The funniest comedian to come out of Trader Joe's in a long time.

Amazing! Then Ryan was part of a OY skit. He carried this stuffed animal through the crowd up to the stage.

Here we have a shot of Optiganally Yours completely rocking. They have two rad albums but haven't released a new one in like 8 years.

There's Ryan with the fish thing on stage! Superstar! Rob has a snazzy outfit on too!

Here's a pic from the 3 Mile Pilot reunion tour. It was a great show and they played some new stuff that kicked ass too.

Here's a video of 3MP kicking ass on one of their greatest hits: Year of No Light. Rock n Roll!
My friend David loves this song! Kind of sound like Supertramp too!

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