Friday, February 26, 2010

That Great Statue of a Bra

My Dad's Mom was named Mel and we called her Gramel instead of Grandma. She was awesome and fun and nice and all things wonderful for a Grandma. She was also a lifelong artist. My Dad's family lived in San Diego when he was growing up and apparently she was constantly involved in different kinds of arts and crafts. One of her projects was a large (over 10ft!) tall statue that looks like a bra. I never got a chance to ask her, but I suspect it actually is a bra as lots of her art is sexual in nature. A couple years ago I went to San Diego for my friend Jack's wedding. Ryan and I had some time to kill we went to Gramel's old house near SDSU. The picture below is me in front of the bra statue. I believe she sold the house in the eighties sometime but the new owners must like the statue!

Even though I was probably three or so I can vividly remember being floored by this house the first time I saw it. It seemed like a mansion in it's size and maze like inside. Of course, growing up in a small basically one room cabin I suppose any house would have seemed big to me. It's a few blocks from campus and Gramel had bought it for my Dad and uncle to live in while they went to school. I know! I think that Gramel fixed the heck out of it after she sold her El Cajon place and moved in, including her flair for style. It was all mirrors-statues-paintings. Up next is the picture from when I was a little tiny kid.

Fucking awesome! There's the bra statue way back in like 1977! Holy cow look at my Dad! In this picture from left to right we have Gramel, Dad, Me and my bro sitting on the fake rock. Gramel made rocks too! The dog is Sunshine (best fucking dog ever!) and in the background is my dad's old 60's Chevy crummy truck that we drove to Baja and later got in a car wreck in. We were okay for the most part. You can see a few changes in the yard- no more grass for one thing. They're running out of water down there indeed. In the first pic I'm probably standing where the truck is parked. My Mom must have taken the picture while standing next to the house. I really enjoy these time warp pictures- especially cool because of the family stuff here. Below is the same pic but I blew me up. Cute!

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