Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ady Gil

A few years ago The Lights Out played a benefit show for this boat that was going around the globe promoting bio fuels. It was called Earthrace and was attempting to break a world record for speed around the world. The guys from the crew were from New Zealand and were really cool. Joel and I went down to the boat while they were in town and got a tour.

Here I am helping tie the boat to the dock. My part in saving the earth! As you can see the boat is one bad mutha! Stealth looking and really quick! Ryan, one of the guys on the boat, told us that it was really loud inside and they would go for 10+ hours at a time in deafening noise. They would wear earplugs all the time while the boat was driving. Apparently it would bounce quite a bit which could get tiresome as well. It's going as fast as is safe across the open ocean but really isn't that big of a boat. Sleep could be hard to come by. Unfortunately they were involved in an accident in Guatemala later in their journey.

These two shots show how bad ass it would be if Joel and I were the skippers of the boat.

Yesterday Joel sent us an email with a news story about a whaling boat and a Sea Shepard activist boat colliding. Take a look at the picture!

After the boats life as Earthrace it got a nice paint job and went on to become the Ady Gil. A boat used to harass the disgusting Japanese whale hunters. Today the collision has been all over the news. As you can see by the picture the whaling boat took off the front of the smaller boat. Holy shit! There's a crazy video of the accident if you follow the link. I hope they saved a few whales! On a side note the Sea Shepard group is partially funded by the great Bob Barker, and the boat named in his honor rescued the crew from the Ady Gil.

Here's an exciting video I took of the 'Earthracer' when it was in town.


ssojk said...

Yo! go to
on click on "Blog 28" to see some of The Lights Out rocking the Earthracers for a few seconds!

Travis said...

Sea Shepard doesn't seem to think it was an accident.