Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I love you Mattox Buttox!

My heart is heavy as shit right now. We lost one of our best and oldest friends a few days ago, Matt Aegerter. Tomorrow myself and a bunch of other folks will make the trek to Alaska to celebrate him and how much of a fun bad ass he was.

Matt taught me how to rock! My first band featured him on lead with 1996's The Gore Daughters. We ruled the armory!

I was lucky enough to see him during our August trip to Ketchikan and reconnect, and then see him again a couple of weeks ago when he was in town. It had been many years since we lived together at the Albina house, but he was the same old Matt- just fucking nice as hell. One of the nicest! With a hot streak of mellow and a hot streak of wild.

When something like this happens I guess it's normal to think back and remember and wonder and laugh and cry. I have about 200,000 Matt stories but one thing that that stands out (besides half mast on naked day!) is just how dumbfounded I was when I met him- he was unlike anyone else I had ever met in the sense that he completely did not give a shit about impressing you or not impressing you. Of course, that boils down to someone just being themselves. A great example would be my youth spent ashamed of (and believing it was right to be so!) the times I spent below the park bridge or behind the old growth pleasuring myself. Within an hour of meeting Matt we had a rap off on the street corner, he taught me how to do a shove it, then he said he'd be right back... he was horny and needed to take care of it. A funny story but in there lies inner strength. He taught me by example.

This video is a song of Matt's that we recorded in April 1997 at his Cedar Street house by the state building. The song is great, but I'm not sure if it's as good as the other song we recorded that night- 'The Story of Grandpa Bill's Dong'.
For more greatness on Matt check out our friend Chandra's blog

I'm gonna miss you Buddy! Thanks for the good times!


Me said...

I can hardly believe it. My mind is having a hell of a time trying to process this all. At first I was sad that he felt the need to take it to this level, but I had little emotion, I mean I hadnt seen matt for ages, so I felt very disconnected from him.

However, As the time has ticked away since finding out, I find myself running into memories and stories, and just times we would hang out with Matt.

Shit I had completely forgotten about so many things, and now I am finding little bits and pieces being dredged up which lead to more bits and pieces.

That video of him singing, fucking kills me. anyway

rest in peace little buddy, have fun terrorizing the after lifes house.

Anonymous said...

I'm shaken to the core learning this news. Matt was the first boy who I ever kissed. We spent a summer together when we were both fifteen which remains one of the most innocent, joyful times in my life.
He was such a kind soul, and I'm heartbroken to learn this news.