Friday, October 23, 2009

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point College and My Beard

Gina was looking at all the exciting Facebook posts that have come up in the last few days and she saw this:

Our friend Jeannie was looking in Google Images for beard photos and naturally I came up in her search. I decided to see for myself and sure enough, there I was!:
But I noticed something funny. As I was looking through the 'photos of beards' someone had suspiciously similar hair to mine in a different beard photo! And a similar shirt! No one has my helmet hair that I know of! And my beard!? But here he was above the great Al Gore and to the upper left of the great Dave Letterman:

A closer look! LOL!!!

I finally made it into a university paper! Kind of anyway! By the way, Wisconsin-Stevens Point is where the great Terry Porter attended college!

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Travis said...

Right there on page 9!