Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Most Sad Wretched Terrible Heartbreaking Day

As many of you might know, I believe one of the finer pleasures of life is going to the dump with a sweet load of garbage or toxic chemicals. I enjoy seeing the strange characters that inhabit this mysterious world and the unique treasures that lie spewed and orphaned amongst the wreckage. There's always a smattering of porn in the stinky hills of gold, as well as a thousand lost memories wrapped up in the broken lifeless and usually grungy toys. This time the dump was busier than usual and I was introduced to a new exciting refuse type. I'll call him 'broken down truck-what are you throwing away man'. The garbage employee told me to park next to the truck with it's hood up. After about 60 seconds broken down truck man strolled over and got in my personal space while perusing my load of junk! Then he tried to start a conversation! Luckily I was speechless with excitement from seeing someone broken down at the dump trying to scavenge the latest loot so I didn't have to talk to him. Another one of my favore characters at the dump is the old classic 'waste station employee.' whenever these guys have a free second they are poking around the latest cast off boxes and furniture looking for grandpa's war medals or jimmy's hidden college fund. That would be the best part of working at the dump! Think about what you could find! Well... On a sad note... yesterday was probably my last dump run for the foreseeable future. Boo hoo!!! We're all moved out now so unless I'm helping a buddy or something it might be awhile before I get to go back to that wondrous place.

A sweet load to drop off. Piled high and wrapped in twine! Joel said it seemed to be attached firmly!

This is a sweet shot of the endless loot! It's so much fun to huck junk to try and break other junk!

Look at that row of cars! Busy day at the dump!

Goodbye superman!

Superman's last flight. About a minute or so after he landed someone picked him up and examined him. Then threw him deep into the pile.

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