Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jefferson Park

Yesterday Casey, Justin and I hiked 5 miles in to Jefferson Park for the night. It's an area just northwest of the flanks of Mt. Jefferson and is all meadows and lakes. Fuck yeah! Below is an aerial phot of the 'park' area. It's a very popular place and we probably saw 30 other people up there fooling around.

on the way up

regroup and look at the map

shit ourselves because it's so pretty

I decided to bust out the 'pioneer app' for a few shots. Justin has a sick converter!

topless is cool in the park

we camped on this particular lake which is called Rock Lake. During the night we were having a spirited yelling conversation about the news of the day when some jack ass across the other side of the lake called to us to please be quiet. Sound really carries across these high mountain lakes!

that's a nalgean bottle full of Basil Hayden

I have about 40 more of this picture in some form of course. The PCT crosses through here too. It's really something to look at and wonder about.

Good times! Sore calves!

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RolandBV said...

Holy shit! Nice pictures of that lake. Too bad some other puds were there to spoil the fun, but what an adventure!