Thursday, August 13, 2009


A few thousand people have asked me about what it was like to be in a touring band and what it was like to have the success that the band Hamburger did. Instead of a long drawn out essay I thought I would let the pictures speak for themselves.As you can see, touring with a band is fucking party time. Hamburger took to the road in 2003. We traveled the length of the pacific coast! San Diego to Portland! With stops in between- Santa Cruz, Big Sur, San Fransisco, etc. Shit yeah! Unfortunately if you want to view the pictures in chronological order you should start at the bottom. Enjoy! Joel and David and I sure did! Also, I left out some of the more risque pictures. This is a family site!

with SF hippies!

topless studs and a dead whale

Colin of Blowchain!

as you can tell from the Wrecking Balss lyrics, my friend Nick

Farting at Fernwood Resort, Big Sur!

Big Sur River!


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ssojk said...

Yes. i was just thinking about those photos this morning!! that's the amazing power of music, that it is a good enough excuse to drive a thousand miles for a half-hour set of unpracticed rock. i almost forgot about the exiting times with that beached whale. and i think the watermelon murder pic is risque enough, criminy!