Thursday, August 27, 2009

Deer Mountain was right at the top of my to do list. We fucking did it yesterday. Started around 330 and got down around 8 for a mind destroying sunset. The hike was 10000 times awesomer than I had remembered. Beautiful!!

Alaska man guide

Ktown down below!

The peak

Remember this pond?

Ketchikan Lake

Alpine fields! That's Joel and Nikki down below.

Looking southwest


Oops! Caught fucking a deer on deer mountain!

Deer mountain cabin!

From the top of deer mountain I had 5 bars and full data connection. It ain't the old days! I even sent David a picture of me fucking the deer immediately after I took it! Funny to see Joel on top of the peak telling his Mom he's going to be late for dinner.

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ssojk said...

I'm always late for dinner! I felt bad but at least I could do some preemptive explaining, thanks to technology