Friday, August 28, 2009

ATTENTION TPOC LOVERS!!! TIME TO STOP DREAMING AND PLAN YOUR DESTINY!! May ninth Gina, Joel, Laura and Niki will be running a half marathon in Ketchikan. I have found an apartment for rent over Creek Street by the day and plan on really fucking living four 4 or 5 nights in the Alaskan spring time. THIS IS YOUR OFFICIAL INVITE MOTHERFUCKERS! We can all fit in this apartment and have a good time the alaskan way! Drunk spinning and yelling! Here's some more about town pics to get you fired up! MAY NINTHish!

Mattox Buttox terrorized my house 12 years ago.

Good fucking times!

Matt's old house where we used to really fucking party sometimes!

New York Cafe!

This town might be a bit small for true coincidences! Laura's friend Gretchen made the cover of the paper the morning after we had dinner together and a couple of days after we visited her and Laura at their work!

City park! It's been awesomely rainy all day and it kicks ass!

The 'street' Laura lives up! I used to live up that street years ago too!

Laura's awesome house!

Elks Lodge used to be Jake's comic book shop!

Over, under and of course through!

Jimi by Lance Biffos! Its in a gallery! He says ho everyone and he's doing well!

The old Kinunen home! Lots of good times have been had there!

Cristy and Corries old place on Deermount!

A new bar called the Red Snapper is in this wet downtown alley way! Fucking awesome!

Free Internet here! I'm about to hit the 'post' button so you guys get all fired up for May!

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RolandBV said...

Shit, so much information to comment on... I've always wanted to have a drink at a place called Red Snapper's. Now if I go to Ketchikan, I can fulfill these dreams!