Thursday, July 16, 2009

Time For a Company Meeting

Yesterday another one of those top heavy scrap metal trucks rolled over while turning on to the St. Johns Bridge. As some of you may remember, this happened to me last year in April. After someone tried to steal my 3 hole sink I was inspired to write about it.

Fortunately no one was hurt in either wreck. I thought I was doomed when it happened and was braced for some sort of injury. I feel lucky.... I feel really lucky!

This got me to thinking. Maybe someone at the front office of the scrap metal truck place should hold a meeting with the drivers. Maybe a topic of discussion could be how several people were almost killed at this one particular corner. Maybe they could have a map and show the drivers with a pointer and they could explain that they should slow down there, and remind them what has happened... at least twice! Maybe they are too worried about all the loot in the trucks to bother with safety meetings!

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dickbird said...

I wonder if the prices on scrap metal were plummeting and the scrap metal bosses or the drivers were worried about getting the most money for their scrap metal so they just decided to go really fast around that corner. If I was a traffic cop boss I would tell someone to cross-reference falling scrap metal prices with tipped over trucks on the bridge and see if anything developed. And if it did maybe I would institute a Falling Scrap Metal Prices Advisory for the St. Johns Bridge, and there would be announcements on the radio.

Anyways, I'm glad your reflexes saved you on that bridge.