Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Troll 2 and Woods

My new favorite album is Woods: Songs of Shame. After hearing a mind numbing story on Talk of the Nation (a great fucking listen!) a couple of days ago I thought I would combine a cover of my favorite Woods song The Number with the beautiful women of Troll 2, a movie I have been enamored with since the early 90's. What a dream combo!


RolandBV said...

I want to watch this, but I need to see Troll 1 first!

RolandBV said...

The film begins with the main character, a child named Joshua Waits, being contacted by his dead grandfather, Seth. Seth informs Joshua of evil creatures known as goblins roaming the world who force or trick humans into consuming food which will turn them into vegetables. The goblins would then eat them.

Anonymous said...

You can't piss on hospitality!