Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Animals In My Life

While floating on Smith and Bybee Lakes last Sunday I was surrounded by nature- and danger!

DDT didn't do them all in I guess.

Time for this osprey to visit a beauty salon!

Up next were the animals on our road trip.

That's a whale down there somewhere.

Joel's alpaca.

Please respond to this post with your own original caption about the photo above.

A tiny deer.

The last three Tule elk alive.

That's a dolphin. I should be a photographer for National Geographic. Bridges of Madison County like.

I got to pet this little fella!


Me said...

The good news I found the key and can get the cuffs off you... the bad news... the condom broke...

ssojk said...

Seth Gross, amatuer equinologist, caresses the coat of a pensive pony being put at ease by Gross's calming horse sense. The pony has an chronic case of Coastal Tick-Chigger-Mite-Lice syndrome, and a symbiotic relationship is born as Gross, while removing the potentially harmful parasites, benefits in his action by obtaining valuable nutrients hard to find in this harsh climate from ingesting the anachrids.