Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Law, the Arm, and the Secret of the Gun: My Story Behind the Scenes of the Centuries Biggest Trial

I'm in jury duty right now and am sitting next to a guy singing with his headphones on and another guy who didn't bring any entertainment and is shaking his leg real restless like. Nearby there's that old man who looks like he barely has shit figured out anymore and is staring really hard at the wall. He's one of those old men that doesn't wear polyester but more like the slicked back hair leather jacket wire rim glasses look. You know the one.

The judge told us there won't be any death row cases today. That's a load off.

I read some info online yesterday that talked about how you should get to jury duty early so you can get a good seat next to a plug in for your lap top. I'm looking right at that sweet ass plug in right now.

I also read that we would be shown a video about how bad ass we are for doing our part and how juries basically help democracy run and shit, but instead I think the judge just gave us a speech about it. That bums me out because I heard that video is really funny. The judge did tell us how we should feel lucky because in China, where jury shit is new, 25,000 people are selected randomly and then serve in intervals for five years. That's an injustice. She also mentioned that in Pakistan and India they used to have juries until 1964 when some guy in power thought it was a bad idea to let amateurs make decisions about law. Our judge here completely disagrees saying that a wide swath of experiences is good for jurors. Have I got some stories for her.

A guy at the bar yesterday told me how when he was selected for a jury a few years back the guy was obviously innocent but there was a lady on the jury who kept repeating 'the police wouldn't haven't arrested him if he didn't do something wrong' and that it was really frustrating that nobody could get through to her. He wondered how she slipped through the selection cracks.

I always thought that being on a high profile case might be a good way to get rich; perhaps by writing a book or starring in my own television show afterwards. The process would be long and boring but the money would be all right indeed. The Law, the Arm, and the Secret of the Gun: My Story Behind the Scenes of the Centuries Biggest Trial by Seth Gross.


dickbird said...

I don't know much about jurying, but the guy shaking his leg sounds nervous. I bet he's the guy who did it.

Unless it's the guy singing along to his walkman? Is he doing that just to look like he has nothing to hide?

RolandBV said...
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RolandBV said...

I think it was the one woman who kept trying to blame it on the other guy...Oh wait that was another trial...shit, I think she did it still!