Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Harris Beach

I've been getting dozens of Twitters asking me where that picture The Power of Crystals came from. It actually came from a really cool place down by Brookings called Harris Beach State Park. There is a super cool beach there as you can see by my stunning pictures, including this insane panorama. The island on the left is Bird Island (a regular joke on our trip was the reenactment of the naming of completely stupid names... 'what should we call this island?' 'I see some birds'") which is Oregon's biggest island! We camped at Harris Beach one night and sat on the beach and read and look at kayak fisherman among the rocks.

We hiked Harris Butte which is this crazy short hike, maybe like 10 minutes tops, that takes you to stunning views up and down the coast. We sat up there for the sunset and drank IPAs and took some pictures. We were up there perhaps an hour and saw one other person for about 60 seconds. We were excitedly jabbering about the beauty of it all and decrying the terrible other campers and boring locals for not being atop Harris Butte with us in celebration of all of nature's splendor. I suppose if you live there though you probably have seen literally thousands of sunsets across the expanse of the Pacific, and you have become such a pud you don't care anymore.
Gina is truly the master at capturing this style of image, where you take advantage of the camera's angle to create an illusion and give the appearance, in this case, of me cradling the setting sun! Ouch! Hot! It's been many long years since she got mad at me in front of the Dinosaur Park tyrannosaurus rex when I told her I thought she had had a photography class. Oops!
In this photo I capture Gina at the crest of Harris Butte and the end of the trail. Shrouded in mystery and windswept pines her silhouette makes us ponder our purpose as humans, and to ask 'what's the point of it all?'. More wine and IPAs!

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