Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thoughts On Completely Insane Historical Hair

Today while working at the bar I had a customer who must have just got off the subway because he paid with about 10 $1 coins. I like these coins and enjoy taking them as payment, and then using them at some other place of business. It must be my inner numismatist. Anyway, I got home and was fondling my new loot absentmindedly when I noticed these characters hair cuts. Are you fucking kidding me? I dare any person to try and become president in the 2000's with these guys insane hairdos. Could you imagine if William "Reverse Haircut" Harrison ran for office looking like that? We know that Andrew "Supermodel Hair" Jackson would probably get the tween vote! "Who ya votin for?" "Not sure yet, but I sure like Thomas "The Wig" Jefferson's platform!" "Me too, but I'm still leaning towards Martin Van "Mad Scientist" Buren!"


Me said...

Van Buren has always been my favorite, he kind of looks like a bulldog. I think that had obama had his haircut hillary would be president. And had McCain had Van Burens Haircut he would have been president.

RolandBV said...

I think I saw a Van Buren at the show on Sunday!

Anonymous said...

There is a movement of people who try and only use those coins. I know a few older men who are trying to bring them back, but I'm not sure what they do when their bill is over $10...maybe bring a pony to haul the booty?