Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Quest For Paavo

Some of you may have met my fisherman friend Paavo "Scandinavian God" Carroll while living in Ketchikan or Eugene. Around 1999 he moved to Charleston and I haven't seen him since. About 3 years ago when my buddy Travis and I were at the coast we were able to find his boat but he was no where around. I called the post office in Charleston and talked to a kick ass post office guy who knew Paavo and gave me his p.o. box number. I wrote Paavo a letter telling him we would be in his neighborhood soon. He wrote me an email and we're gonna hang out! I look forward to updating everyone on how he's doing.

edit: a bunch of people texted me and twittered me wondering why Paavo's nickname is "Scandinavian God." No one ever really called him that except me and every girl that ever met him. In the old days he had long flowing golden locks of hair. He's tall and muscular and has a giant disarming smile. He's modest and friendly. His family is from Finland, and he lived there many years while working in a book store! Whenever I was hanging out with some girl and we saw Paavo they would always ask who he was. I guess that's why I call him that.

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ssoj koonster said...

You are a hyvä poika! It means "good boy" and is one of the few Finnish things i know. Ask Paavo about "perkele" also.