Thursday, April 23, 2009

Matt Perkins and The Universal Update

My email inbox is full of questions about how it was to see Matt again. It was great! He's a really nice guy and I was pleasantly surprised by his band. The night got going with a band from Portland called The Pink Snowflakes. They were really garage-y sounding and the singer has kind of a mumbling style. They did an excellent job with a strobe light and a bubble machine! Kinda reminded me of Ego Machine from Eugene.

Next up was The Universal. They were much tighter sounding than the opening band, although this probably lends to different styles rather than talent. The picture below is Matt kicking ass on the bass and his brother Pat ruling the drums. Rock on bitches!

Check out this monster rock epic I captured with the Canon!

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ssojk said...

Keeping the dream alive! Maybe Birds of Prey open for them at the next appearance...