Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chlorine Dreams From My Roof

After my last post with a couple of pictures taken from my roof I've been getting asked a lot what it looks like from up there, and if I get scared while fooling around up there. To answer everyone's questions, yes, I do get scared! Also, I decided to take a panorama to show you! Enjoy!

Tons of my friends have asked why we bought this particular house 4 years ago. The answer is simple as hell: from our roof you have a view of not just one bell tower, but TWO FUCKING BELL TOWERS! When we read the real estate ad stating 'tower view' we had no idea they meant two separate and distinct towers! We couldn't pass it up.

Historic Roosevelt High Bell Tower from our roof. A fine learning institution indeed!

The bell tower for the classy and distinguished Assumption Village Retirement Community. That building was also a school in the old days but was remodeled as a place for people to go to die. There is this one resident there who walks like 100 miles an hour with a cane. He walks faster with a cane than I can sprint, or probably even ride my bike. It's nuts. But he always stops while on the sidewalk in front of my place to compliment me on the yard work and to remind me it will never be done. His greeting is a pleasant and jovial "Hello neighbor!"

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