Friday, April 24, 2009

California Dreaming

Partying in Bolinas! Blazers lost :( Almost got in a fight at the bar! Drinking the shit out of Salmon Creek! Got an evening pic of Brautigan's suicide house!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Quest For Paavo

Some of you may have met my fisherman friend Paavo "Scandinavian God" Carroll while living in Ketchikan or Eugene. Around 1999 he moved to Charleston and I haven't seen him since. About 3 years ago when my buddy Travis and I were at the coast we were able to find his boat but he was no where around. I called the post office in Charleston and talked to a kick ass post office guy who knew Paavo and gave me his p.o. box number. I wrote Paavo a letter telling him we would be in his neighborhood soon. He wrote me an email and we're gonna hang out! I look forward to updating everyone on how he's doing.

edit: a bunch of people texted me and twittered me wondering why Paavo's nickname is "Scandinavian God." No one ever really called him that except me and every girl that ever met him. In the old days he had long flowing golden locks of hair. He's tall and muscular and has a giant disarming smile. He's modest and friendly. His family is from Finland, and he lived there many years while working in a book store! Whenever I was hanging out with some girl and we saw Paavo they would always ask who he was. I guess that's why I call him that.

Matt Perkins and The Universal Update

My email inbox is full of questions about how it was to see Matt again. It was great! He's a really nice guy and I was pleasantly surprised by his band. The night got going with a band from Portland called The Pink Snowflakes. They were really garage-y sounding and the singer has kind of a mumbling style. They did an excellent job with a strobe light and a bubble machine! Kinda reminded me of Ego Machine from Eugene.

Next up was The Universal. They were much tighter sounding than the opening band, although this probably lends to different styles rather than talent. The picture below is Matt kicking ass on the bass and his brother Pat ruling the drums. Rock on bitches!

Check out this monster rock epic I captured with the Canon!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Niner and Jay

Niner was out in the yard today sitting in the grass. Apparently she was too close to Jay's nest! He flew over and yelled at her. She looked at him for a bit then walked away slowly.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Family Death Book

About 5 years ago my Aunt Sherry passed this book down to the next generation: me. I think she gave it to me due to difficulties with her own two kids and difficulties with her niece and nephew, my brother and sister, not to mention I believe out of all of them somehow I ended up the most stable in the family. Aunt Sherry has a gruff personality and says exactly how she feels regardless of how it may effect the people she is talking to. I remember once about 8 years ago my brother and I were helping her move. Aunt Sherry kept nit picking Alex about how to do stuff and where to put it and so on. Anyone that knows Alex knows that he's stubborn and doesn't listen to authority figures very well. It frustrates him. He was carrying this one particular box that was really heavy all by himself, really struggling, and Sherry said "you're gonna give yourself a hernia" with the Aunt Sherry tone and that set Alex off. He yelled something about lifting stuff that heavy all day long at work...he he. Anyway, that's an example of her rubbing someone the wrong way in a situation where most of us might recognize it might have been better to let Alex hurt himself.

Myself on the other hand over the last 15 years or so have somehow shown great patience and sympathy to Aunt Sherry, understanding that we all have issues and that she doesn't receive a lot of love in her life. What do I care? I hardly ever see her. If you give her a minute and can stand the cigarette smoke she's pretty cool to talk to. I think she really appreciates this and she tells Mom as much, which only reinforces my goodwill to her. In fact, the only other person I can think of that likes Aunt Sherry as much as Mom and I is my friend David. One night while partying at the coast he had one too many bottles of wine and tried to sneak in to her room! She was all "wrong room" and David slinked out! LOL! So about 5 years ago Aunt Sherry was going through a rough patch with her health and decided to give me the book. She is fine now but she was right, I have been taking very good care of it and I find it fascinating.
I believe the book's designed intent may be to capture special moments of life and not the dates of death as my Grandma Lee did with it. The are a few lines for imformation and a pouch to store any memorabilia from the events. The death book has many such clippings from newspapers as well as funeral pamphlets. Wow!

These pictures are a tad blurry but if you squint you can see what they say. As you can see from the photo above my Grandma had a niece named Brynn Beth Jamisson who died in a car wreck in 1969 at the age of four. She was born in Claremont California and was buried in Ontario California. Sad!

I remember the story well of Don Temple, my Mom's cousin she was very close to. Him and some friends went to Big Bear to party in a cabin New Year's Eve 1969. They put some wet clothes by a fire place and they caught on fire during the night. Several of the kids made it out but Don wasn't as lucky. Appearantly he was a really nice guy and everyone in the family loved him. His death was also sad because he was really good at baseball. He was playing at a college in LA and had some interest from some pro teams.

I believe that my Grandma outlived her brother

And here's the blank spot that I someday will occupy! I wonder what it will read?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Glory Days

Now I think I'm going down to the well tonight
and I'm going to drink till I get my fill
And I hope when I get old I don't sit around thinking about it
but I probably will
Yeah, just sitting back trying to recapture
a little of the glory of, well time slips away
and leaves you with nothing mister but
boring stories of glory days

Glory days well they'll pass you by
Glory days in the wink of a young girl's eye
Glory days, glory days

More Ridiculous Coins

These buffoons would never get elected these days!

Funny Address Trick

I should start doing this again. What a riot!

HAHA Check out Dickbird's mind numbing page about this!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Matt Perkins and The Universal

Ever since I talked about that trip Nate and I took across the country, tons of people have been asking me what Lee's friend Matt is up to today.

Matt in 1999 rocking the bass

Lee informed me that Matt still lives in Boise and is still rocking the bass. He now plays in a band called The Universal.

That's Matt on the left holding a flashlight or something!

His band has had some success and in fact recently opened for Built to Spill in Seattle, and got good reviews by the local media. Also, Matt's band is playing tomorrow night at The Plan B bar here in Ptown! Go check em out and maybe I'll see ya there! I haven't seen Matt in several years and it will be fun to say hi.

Thoughts On Completely Insane Historical Hair

Today while working at the bar I had a customer who must have just got off the subway because he paid with about 10 $1 coins. I like these coins and enjoy taking them as payment, and then using them at some other place of business. It must be my inner numismatist. Anyway, I got home and was fondling my new loot absentmindedly when I noticed these characters hair cuts. Are you fucking kidding me? I dare any person to try and become president in the 2000's with these guys insane hairdos. Could you imagine if William "Reverse Haircut" Harrison ran for office looking like that? We know that Andrew "Supermodel Hair" Jackson would probably get the tween vote! "Who ya votin for?" "Not sure yet, but I sure like Thomas "The Wig" Jefferson's platform!" "Me too, but I'm still leaning towards Martin Van "Mad Scientist" Buren!"

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chlorine Dreams From My Roof

After my last post with a couple of pictures taken from my roof I've been getting asked a lot what it looks like from up there, and if I get scared while fooling around up there. To answer everyone's questions, yes, I do get scared! Also, I decided to take a panorama to show you! Enjoy!

Tons of my friends have asked why we bought this particular house 4 years ago. The answer is simple as hell: from our roof you have a view of not just one bell tower, but TWO FUCKING BELL TOWERS! When we read the real estate ad stating 'tower view' we had no idea they meant two separate and distinct towers! We couldn't pass it up.

Historic Roosevelt High Bell Tower from our roof. A fine learning institution indeed!

The bell tower for the classy and distinguished Assumption Village Retirement Community. That building was also a school in the old days but was remodeled as a place for people to go to die. There is this one resident there who walks like 100 miles an hour with a cane. He walks faster with a cane than I can sprint, or probably even ride my bike. It's nuts. But he always stops while on the sidewalk in front of my place to compliment me on the yard work and to remind me it will never be done. His greeting is a pleasant and jovial "Hello neighbor!"

My Scrub Jay Buddy

Alot of people have been asking me how the scrub jay family is doing and what the bush looks like that they live in. I'm happy to report that they seem to be doing wonderful. In fact, just today one of them got mad at me when I was out by the pear tree that is a little too close to their rhododendron home. Check out the pictures!

I was screwing around on my roof the other day and one of them was on the neighbors gutter with a long piece of material held in it's beak to help fortify the birdnest they call home!

This is a picture taken from my roof of the bush they live in. Fuck yeah!

Friday, April 10, 2009

My Hoodoo Days

Alot of people have been asking me about that picture of Hoodoo Butte with Travis in it. It's true; I did work at Hoodoo. I graduated from high school in 1991 then went to community college in Albany for a year. Confused about the smell of a paper mill and concerned about adventure I went to Alaska to stay with my Mom the next summer. After working at a deli in the Plaza Port West mall for a few weeks (where the Taco Time is now) and then working at a salmon cannery I ventured back to Oregon to snowboard, which at the time was a big passion of mine. My brother Alex and I applied at Hoodoo and we both got jobs. We started in the lodge at the cafe and after a month or so I took a job as a ski lift operator. Look at the revised picture of Travis. I have either circled or pointed to the locations on the mountain where I worked. This picture is taken about 15 years after I worked there. That is fucking mind blowing. Time fucking flies.

There are a few other places that don't appear in this photo where I worked, including the blue chair which is a shorter lift that is open for night skiing. I began at the lodge when I worked at the cafe. Then one day I covered a shift on the bunny lift for someone who didn't show up to work. They forgot about me over there and I did a 10 hour shift without a lunch break. You can't leave a lift to tell someone you are hungry because there is 100 kids waiting in line and you have to watch that they aren't hurting themselves. I was a little uppity about missing lunch and expressed my displeasure with my boss, which I feel dumb about now.

Shit happens. After my success on the bunny lift, and due to a new policy of drug testing at the mountain (which cost many 5+ year employees there jobs! 5+ year employees making 7$ an hour were fired! not a good business model) I was promoted to the red chair. At first I was really excited about this. It meant hanging out in a tiny shack with a heater and stopping the chair if there was an incident. It also meant my immediate coworker was a jaded 60 something who lived alone in an RV in the parking lot and philosophized every time we spoke. Ugh! The way it worked was two of us ran the chair. We talked continuously on the chair phones about riders and would comment on the state of things. He could be a pain. He was set in his ways.

My boss would bring the employees in alone once in awhile to his office and ask how it was going. I remember complaining about the guy I had to work with from open to close. It sucked. He was hard to talk to. This was after a week or so on the red chair. Well, another month went by and by December I had gotten to know my coworker alot better (I believe his name was Joe). I eventually came to really like him, and looked forward to working with him. He was 40 years older and he was really laid back. It was my first memorable experience with someone who took everything so damn easy. He really grew on me!

Around Chistmas him and I won the Hoodoo employee snow sculpture contest! It was a living room scene complete with a snow couch and a snow tv, and a snow chair as well. Life size! The other lifts complained that Joe and I could work on it during open hours because not only were we out of view of the lodge, but we also were the slowest chair on the mountain. Both of these things are true! LOL! Winners! I went to claim my prize and was disgusted by the pink mid 80's cursive Hoodoo sweater we won. Boy, I sure wish I had that thing now.

Towards the end of December Joe and I were chatting in the cafe chatting after our lift had closed. I asked him about his life and why he lived in an RV in a small ski resort parking lot. He explained to me that he used to do the corporate thing. He had run a chain of drug stores in California and made tons of money. He then pulled out his wallet and showed me a picture. It was a Mom and Dad and a girl. I recognized the man in the photo as Joe, and asked him about the other two. Paraphrase: "They were killed by a drunk driver" he told me. "I couldn't function. I quit my job and bought the RV and now I just go where the wind takes me." I remember tearing up at this. Where is Joe now?

After the holidays and several more firings due to the random drug testing going on I was promoted to the blue lift and then finally to the green lift. The green lift was the longest lift, had a midpoint drop off and was the lift the pros used.

This picture I sniped from Google Earth. A year spent working at a ski resort is fascinating. It's such a moment in time. Rocking School of Fish's Human Cannonball in the green mid-lift shed while drinking cold hot chocolate and watching for problems. Getting to know all my coworkers well. Most other employees are in a similar boat. What's next? Where will the wind take us, so to speak.

Dad did some surfing when he grew up in San Diego. Alex and I decided to take him to the mountain. He tells a story like we took him down a black diamond, and I believe we did at one point. You forget that steep is scary if you don't know how to stop. This is a fantastic picture of Dad rocking the slopes. He was sore for two weeks after this day and decided he never needed to snowboard again.

On the last day of work for the employees my boss told me if I came back I could have any job on the mountain I wanted. I knew it was time for something else. The resort had run it's course for me. I went back to Alaska that spring and stayed there the entire winter. I think this sucks but I believe I have only been snowboarding at Hoodoo twice since I quit. Once in 1993 with my friend Aaron. There was still plenty of old coworkers there that year to say hi to. And once in 1999 or so with Joel and Nate when we were living in Eugene. Every year I think about getting back up there but I just don't care about boarding that much anymore I guess. In fact, I have been to the top of Hoodoo probably 10 times since I quit, but all during the summer as a hike. Like the picture below

when my Dad and I hiked to the top in the summer of 1998. And the picture at the top of the page when Travis and I hiked it in 2007. Or the time Aaron and Alex and I hiked our bikes to the top and rode them down. Or the time Rex and I hiked to the top and he pretended to find a wallet, but it was his own. It was a great practical joke.

Every time I go there it blows my mind. You know those feelings of 'home' that you get? The sensation from a place or smell or sound is so strong that it bring you somewhere? That's what I get at Hoodoo. When Travis and I went camping at Lost Lake (not the Mt Hood Lost Lake) in October 2007 one morning we both woke up at like 4 am. Neither of us could sleep (garlic?) so we decided to get up. "Come on man- I know what we should do! A fucking sunrise awaits!" We drove the five minutes from the lake to Hoodoo and hiked that bastard to see the sun destroy us. And it did.

Black Butte in the distance. Capturing the sunrise!

Travis fighting the wind. What s strong shadow! It was so early we didn't even bring beer!

My clever Drinky Clown mask I couldn't get enough of that trip. The top of Hoodoo in the background.

A proud Travis at the top!

This picture is a capture from a video I took on my and Travis' hike up Hoodoo. I spent hours and hours in that little box. It was actually the best spot to be on the whole mountain if you're a lift operator. Usually only competent skiers would make it up here so it was fairly incident free. The video below is of Travis and I at the peak of Hoodoo on our sunrise hike. It is really windy so it's really loud. Also it's a rough handling of the camera, but it gives a sense of place.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

That Time I Met Celebrity Tom Petersson

If you are from Oregon you probably think I'm talking about that furniture guy with the watches, but I'm actually talking a real life total bad ass, Tom Petersson. The first guy ever to play a 12 string bass! Check out the picture from 1988! I was nervous because at the time I was obsessed with Cheap Trick, mainly because of the live masterpiece Cheap Trick at Budokan. What a treat to meet a rock star who I was really into!

Luckily I decided to wear my multi-skull shirt! Tom was impressed!

Also, Tom sang one of the most ass kicking Cheap Trick song's of all time: I Know What I want and I Know How To Get It

That Time of the Day Off

On my days off from work I usually try and not switch from coffee to beer until 3 pm. Today for some reason I ran out of coffee at around 4 then decided on beer at 5:51. Not bad!

Finally Got To Do That Old Eye Trick

We cleaned the shit out of our attic and I found this useless junk photo enlarger I bought several years ago for some reason. I put most of it in the garbage but kept the cool lens so I could do this great eye trick you see all the time in movies and tv shows and stuff.

My Neighbor's Western Scrub Jay

My neighbors have a rhododendron by our shared fence and a wonderful Western Scrub Jay family has moved in! Here's a time lapse of some exciting action. Also, check out this cool scrub jay fact: 'The Western Scrub-Jay feeds on parasites on the body of mule deer, hopping over the body and head of the deer to get them. The deer often help the jays by standing still and holding their ears up.' Holy shit! EDIT: I said family earlier in this post but there are no eggs or babies yet. I was outside awhile ago noting my tremendous effort in the yard work department and saw both the Mom and Dad Jays playing around in our back yard. Yeah!

Lost Lake

Donnie Dundon at Lost Lake in the early 1960's

Travis at Lost Lake in 2007

climbing Hoodoo Butte. To put this in scale the area above Travis' head is the lodge and parking lot. We are way up there near the top!

The Time We Didn't Find Craig Lake

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Oh no!

One of the monkeys is still on the loose and got my friend Ben!


Too Bad

I was hoping these bad boys would somehow set up a new colony in the woods near Hillsboro

Friday, April 3, 2009

Chad Vangaalen live at the Holocene!

City of Electric Light. Play it!