Wednesday, February 25, 2009

One Less Junk Car In My Yard

The Toyota Van saga is now over. Today Tim from Washington (second post), who is really into these vans and has a dozen or so he's always working, came and took ours home with him. I didn't want a Volkswagen van after seeing my brother working on them for decades on the side of the road so we went with the Toyota. In the end the Volks might have been just as well as our Toyota turned out to be a junker. We did get a fun trip to California in it, a trip to Dad's and a trip to the coast, but that's about it. I figure after purchase and repairs this car cost us about $3.40 a mile driven while we owned it. Ouch! Here are some hot pics of the glory:

San Simeon pier

camping in the woods near Dad's place

San Simeon State Park

Big Sur!

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