Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Interesting Van Update

Here's an email from Tim who bought the junked out useless 'low mile' broken van from us for $300.

"Hey Seth,

Got the van home safe and sound. I thought you might like to know (or maybe you don't) the odometer has been tampered with. Mileage was reported as 182,538 back in 3/14/96. I'm a bit bummed, as I was really excited about it being such a low mileage vehicle, but I still can't complain. The guy that sold it to you most likely knowingly lied to you about the miles. With just a quick inspection under the hood, it's pretty obvious to me this thing is a high mileage vehicle (I suspect over 200k miles). The interior and body are very nice for a van with this many miles on it, so I suspect he used this to his advantage to fraudulently get more $$$ out of the van."

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M. Quiet said...

ha ha. i just sold my car for $150 on valentine's day. some guy agreed to buy it and then after finally getting it started decided it needed more work than he thought and asked if i would take $130 instead so he could get his wife a v-day present. at that point my wife pointed out that if you're going to bring home oregon's shittiest car on valentine's day you'd better have a little extra cash to take the old lady out for bottomless pasta at olive garden.