Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The dmv, coffee and a beard

I went to the dmv this morning to get a new license. I got one, but was a bit dissapointed that the camera couldn't capture the full extent of my beard garden. It only got like the top 1/4 of my work! The photo machine was new to them and it kept shutting down for unknown reasons. The girl at the counter was nice, but she told me she didn't know how long it would take to get the camera back on line. I asked her if there was a coffee shop nearby and she told me about Northstar near Lombard, and that she would call when the machine was working. I went to the coffee shop, which was great by the way, there were several other beardos hanging out. I told the lady working the dmv sent me. She and her coworker smiled and laughed and she said "we should send them some coffee as a thank you."


girlfriend of the beard said...

This picture doesn't do justice to the full extent of your glorious beard! Forget this year's neck beard, go for one more year, ONE MORE YEAR!!

genevieve said...

ONE MORE YEAR!!!!! Could you start like a rival gang against the neck beards? I'd like to see that showdown!

Also, I tagged you. Think up 7 things you want the whole of the blogosphere to know. Write them in glorious prose and we shall witness their glory.

Check it out:

(I for one am looking forward to hearing more about the Bone Zone sweatshirt...)