Friday, October 31, 2008

A Shit Sprayed Halloween

On my way from work today (Halloween) I stopped on Alberta St. to check out some bikes at CCC. A big truck pulled up outside next to my car, stuck a big tube down the manhole and starting making a huge racket. I went outside and the entire neighborhood smelled like rotten sewer. I almost vomited and puked. I ran to my car only to feel like I was getting rained on- except it wasn't raining. I realized I was getting rained upon by the spray of sewer coming from the truck pumping away at a city full of human shit. It was a fine mist of stink and disease. Realizing my situation I panicked and jumped in the car and drove to the car wash by my house, stunned by the amount of crap splattered all across my car. What the fuck! When I smelled my hand it wreaked like my bathroom in college that I didn't clean for nine months. I almost vomited in the car. I told the situation to the gas station attendant and he immediately said to his coworker "This car is covered in human shit." Notice all the splatters in the pictures!

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Travis said...

Oh man, that's the hardest I've laughed this year. You poor bastard! The poor Subaru!