Saturday, October 25, 2008

"Oh Shit! It's Jesus!"

A fellow named Chad stopped by the bar to sell me credit card services. Typically when any sort of salesman calls or stops by the bar I tell them the owner is only there from 6 to 9 am. Chad caught me on a good day, and he was selling something I was curious about. Chad is a good salesman so eventually we got to talking about our childhoods and our families. He told me he lived in a tiny town near Yosemite, and the town has only about 300 people in it. I'm always curious about what people do for cash in towns of that size so I asked him what his father does for a living. "He was the pastor in that town for years," he said. "Until he got fired." He was fired? "He wrote a book, and the people who pay him were not happy. It was called Oh Shit! It's Jesus! He's kind of a hippy preacher."

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