Sunday, October 19, 2008

Donny Dundon Was Right

The M-Cube

In the year 1986 or so my neighbor and friend, and the father of my friend and classmate Rex, Donny Dundon predicted flash memory. He called it the M-Cube.

I suspect his version would have looked something like this<--. Donny loved the idea of 'no moving parts' and stressed this throughout my time of knowing him. This concept is a reason why jet engines are much more dependable piston driven car engines. Jet motors have few moving parts apparently. Moving parts will inevitably wear down. Donny told us that one day music, and all information, would be stored in a cube that had electrical connections. You could buy these cubes at record stores. In the future, computers would be able to access these cubes, with electrical current only. This was 22 years ago. This was before we had cd's. Soon all new computers will be equipped with hard drives with no moving parts. They will load faster than that arm and disc drives and will be more dependable. Fuck!

Donny had many theories and this was another that panned out. One thing Donny never mention however, was the idea of accessing all information through a decentralized place like the internet. But as you can see above, the M-Cube basically came to be. I use a camera that has an M-Cube style flash card in it, and use that card to transfer information to my computer that reads the card with electrical current.

Nice work, Donny.

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dickbird said...

What a shame that he went to pot before seeing his vision realized. Tragic!