Wednesday, October 22, 2008

40,000 Pounds of Gold

To the guys who were trying to steal the 3 hole sink from my backyard a couple of days ago, this load of scrap metal that almost killed me must look like the end of the rainbow.  Because of the vast media coverage this accident received, I still get asked about this car wreck.  At the time (April 24 08), I had four actual stranger recognitions.  "Yes, that was me," I would respond while puffing out my chest and looking away acting bored to tears. Nearly collapsing. Reaffirming my 'why not' philosophy.  Behaving thunderstruck but inside questioning any long term value in the experience.  This incident reinforced my belief in the 'Gross Reflexes' that made my brother so famous back home.  My recent addiction to ping pong has made me question this legend. The policeman told me this truck weighed twenty tons.  Too bad I didn't get to keep the loot!

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dickbird said...

"I feel lucky. I feel really lucky."